George Scott, WA0FSE, and I set up a Hamstick (MFJ "HF stick") Dipole in his backyard. This includes showing some of the tuning process and making a few con.

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Hamstick vertical dipole antenna

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Simple, clear tutorial on building a 20 meter vertical dipole antenna from the popular "Hamstick" antennas. Brian Downes does an excellent job of assembling this useful portable or emergency antenna. If you feed this vertical dipole with 450 ohm ladder line or 300 ohm television twin lead and put that line into a 4:1 balun and then into an. portion of the antenna input resistance that radiates power. Radiation Resistance = Power radiated / input current squared The other portions are ground loss and antenna structure loss that dissipate power as heat. Example: 160 m 50 ft vertical = 34.6 deg = 6 Ohms Feedpoint Radiation Resistance vs Degrees (Double for Dipole). 20 metre quarter wave vertical antenna Quarter wave vertical as part of first stage inverted L. 9:1 unun, good ground, 0.2 Watts, 24Hrs, WSPR. 20 metre Hamstick dipole antenna Two tuned hamsticks in a dipole configuration. 3 metres off the ground, insulated pole, coax balun, 0.2 Watts, 24Hrs, WSPR. Radiating NW/SE. Mag loop When I get one!. > > A recent QST article suggested using two 40m hamstick antennas to make a > > very short 40 m dipole. > I wrote the article which appeared in _QST_.While the antenna is > certainly a comprimise, it _does_ work. > I had also considered building a beam using the "shortened" dipoles. > If it works as a dipole, then logic would tell you that adding. 40m Hamstick Dipole vs 1/4 wave vertical.

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MFJ PRODUCTS - Hamstick Rotatable Dipole Kits & - RW Antennastore 716-434-9216 Home About Us Contact Us Warranty Returns Shipping My Account Sign In or Create an Account View Cart | Item(s) View Cart | Item(s) >serving ham radio since 1982 >Largest Ham radio Store in NY >Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you. Categories. Vertical antennas are radiate in all directions around the antenna, unlike dipoles which are a bit directional. Also, vertical whip antennas radiate towards the horizon at a low angle, helping to make those far off contacts. They are less efficient than a dipole, and the do require a very good ground connection.

Vertical antennas, may be ground mounted for DX if you plan on installing a lot of radials, however benefit from Myth: My Hamstick HF mobile antenna has a lower VSWR than your large Screwdriver or bug Catcher. verticals on the HF bands. SIGMA's are true vertical dipoles, so they do not need. By 2015 lx 470 for sale and kentucky probate process.

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5039: Aerial; antenna . 5040: Dipole . 5041: Caution, hot surface. Vertical radioscopic stand Vertical radiographic standHorizontal radiographic. table. The Geomagnetic poles ( dipole poles) are the intersections of the Earth's surface and the axis of a bar magnet hypothetically placed at the center the Earth by which we approximate the geomagnetic field. MFJ Enterprises Original MFJ-1620T 20 Meter HF Hamstick w/Whip Mobile Antenna - 3/8-24 36 20 Meter Band HF Mobile Stick Antenna 16 $4311 Get it Thu, Jul 28 - Fri, Jul 29 FREE Shipping More Buying Choices $34.88 (3 new offers) Shark Antennas S-FM20 Mono Band HF 20 Meter Mini Mobile Vertical Antenna with 3/8x24 Threads, Handles 250W Max 19 $4295.

dipole" consisting of two HamStick mobile antennas (actually, their. hamstick clones) mounted base to base in a dipole configuration. Feed. is unbalanced. Bandwith is advertised as 60 kHz+ at 40m for a 2:1. match. Seems like this ought to work (a little better if a 1-1 balun is. included) and be a way to get a 40 meter antenna in a 15-foot space.

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